I am Leo, an Amsterdam-based freelance system administrator and site reliability engineer with more than 30 years of IT experience.

I help start‑ups and scale‑ups with device & identity management and with on‑premise & cloud infrastructure engineering.

Hire me to keep your systems and services up & running!

System administration

  • Setup and customization of device management systems (streamlining deployment of computers, phones and tablets)
  • Setup and customization of identity management systems (providing users with a unified login experience)
  • Automation of onboarding and offboarding procedures (reducing manual tasks and ensuring consistent results)
  • Device deployment (handing out fully functional equipment on a user's first workday)
  • Asset management (keeping track of hardware and software within the company)
  • IT support (fixing minor and major issues that users encounter)

Site reliability engineering

  • Setup and customization of Infrastructure As Code environments (delivering automated and idempotent system deployments)
  • Setup and customization of infrastructure monitoring systems (providing insight into the state and security of systems and services)
  • Setup and customization of self-hosted cloud services (using open-source software to ensure control over company data)
  • Implementation of disaster recovery backups (minimizing the chance of data loss and maximizing peace of mind)


  • Operating systems: iOS, macOS, Ubuntu
  • Coding & scripting: Ansible, Bash, Git
  • Code hosting: GitHub, GitLab
  • Device management: Apple Business Manager, Kandji, Mosyle, SimpleMDM
  • Identity management: Auth0, Google Cloud Identity, Okta, OpenLDAP
  • Infrastructure monitoring: Grafana, Nagios, Sandfly Security, Wazuh
  • Productivity: Discourse, Google Workspace, LiquidFiles, Mattermost

Key strengths

  • Finding solutions
  • Getting things done
  • Paying attention to detail

Company details

  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Chamber of Commerce: 32068113
  • Tax Authority: NL001908292B71